Valentines Class Favor- 25 piece variety set


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Are you looking for a non-candy class valentine favor or birthday party favor? This variety slime set comes with 25 containers of 2oz personalized slime. Each set contains a variety of cloud slime, butter slime and memory dough in valentines theme colors (pinks,red,white and shades of brown). the slime variety is also scented and contains valentines themed glitters or charms.

All Orders come with a care card packet which includes activator packet and instructions. Slime is ideal for children 7 and older. Slime & activator contain borax. It should be kept away from pets, infants, furniture and clothes. Some slimes contain food coloring and may leave residue on tables. We suggest using magic eraser sponge to wipe away left over coloring.

looking to personalize the class set? add the gifting childโ€™s name below under personalization and we will include it on the labeling.

Keep Calm and Slime On

Slime, that sticky, slippery, stretchy stuff kids canโ€™t get enough. There are many benefits to slime that parents shouldnโ€™t over look.
-Slime increase your childโ€™s ability to pay attention. How you ask? Well squeezing, stretching, flattening, folding, and twisting slime improves focus. Research indicates that busying the hands allows the brain to concentrate on other things, including listening to instructions, stories, and lessons.
– Slime Builds Fine Motor Skills. Making slime is much like baking. Measuring, mixing, rolling and kneeding are all important movements needed to make and play with slime.
-Slime is science. Slime is a creative way to introduce the basics of chemistry to your children. There are many types of slime that can be made and adding ingredients at different periods of the process create different effects.

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